One of the boards.

Battery pack, product box and motors are from European and Swedish suppliers.

The board is hand built in Sweden. We assemble the wheels, deck, trucks and battery ourselves.

Board is 65 cm long

Lights and programmable ESC

  • Battery & range

    The board can be fully charged in 2 hours and the range is around 30km (18miles) when driving in normal mode. (20km/h - 12 mph)

  • App and remote

    The board can be driven by using either a remote controller or by using an app on your phone. App will be available on app store when shipping starts in August.

  • New type of material

    The board is made in a new material developed in Sweden. It is a though and weather resistant material.

  • Lights and safety

    The board has integrated front and rear lights. We have also made sure to make the board brake fast in difficult situations.

  • Dual drive

    The board is driven by 2 electric motors on the rear wheels. All the wheels can be replaced and changed to your own liking.

  • Warranty

    The board will come with a 2 year warranty - on the board itself and on the powertrain.

Free shipping.

The board is made in Sweden and will ship from Sweden.

We are located here - Almost in the center of Sweden.


ORG NR 969770-5508

VAT SE969770550801

Dalarna, Sweden

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